My AAT tribute

I liked the old Autodesk Animator very much, but Moai won't run well on my machine, so I decided to create a pixel graphics editor based on both of those, adding the things I missed in them.

Source is available at Github: https://github.com/MKGilby/BurdockPaint

Product state: work in progress
Current version: V0.9
Released: 2023.05.11
Download: BurdockPaint.0.9.20230511.zip

What's new:

  • Right clicking on RGrad button hides Controls and invokes RGrad configuration.

What's planned next:
  • Add "Project"/"New" dialog.
  • Check and warn if current project is modified on opening project.
  • Check and warn if current project is modified on new project.
  • Add "Random" ink. It will use colors randomly from the selected cluster.
  • Ask for color fit when loading a CEL file.
  • Autosave state in every 1 min.
  • Configurable autosave interval.
  • Add setup dialogs to Tools: - Circle (center+radius vs. bounding box) - Sep. (boxed)
  • Add setup dialogs to Inks: - None of the current Inks needs it.
  • Add Tool and Ink selector
  • Should create backups from project on saving if not the default temporary project.