Down To Earth

Remake of Down To Earth (C) 1987 Firebird Software Ltd. (ZX Spectrum 48K)

Instructions from the original:
  • Your mission is to rid the Universe of hostile alien life forms so that the planned Intergalactic Bypass can finally be completed. You control a limited number of Astra-dozers and must clear all 30 star systems and planets you visit. Your 'dozer is fitted with the latest anti-grav field as are its extras (fuel, crates of bombs and spare 'dozers). The aliens come in two forms. Trigons which are unpredictable in large numbers and Circsaws which are smarter and more volatile since they explode on contact with bombs, crates, spare 'dozers and Conenabs. Conenabs expand and detonate either under their own weight or due to incarceration. Good luck!

In the published version you can play all 30 maps.
Select "Continue" or "New game" to open starmap, select a star to play, finishing a yellow star will advance your journey to another star.

Product state: under development
Current version: v0.0.534.alpha
Released: 2016.09.23

What's new:

  • Added solar system map, so when you reach the warp on the starmap, you can warp to the solar system and play the remaining maps. You can warp back if you want. This means that all the maps can be played.
  • The published version is replaced with this one.